Daughter of the Blood – Fangirl Gushing

The dragons spiraled into ebony, catching stars with their tails. Everything has a price. Blood shall sing to Blood. 

When I was fourteen years old, I read a three in one collection of novels called The Black Jewels Trilogy, and it changed my world. Everything about it spoke to me, sang to my reader’s heart in a way few stories do. I joined my first forum online to discuss and dissect the books at length, and had a fantastic time doing it. I can still recall with sharp clarity various quotes from all three books, and through the various sequels and additions to the series over the last few years, it has always held a special place in my heart.

I was fourteen when I read the original trilogy for the first time. When my husband and a friend of ours engaged in a friendly competition on Goodreads to meet a goal of 50 books read for 2016, I knew what I wanted my winner’s prize to be should I come out having read the most books. I bought the friend a brand new copy of Daughter of the Blood and plan to force my husband to read one of my copies sometime soon.

Here. Read this book that made me what I am today. Read this story that shaped so much of my experience as a reader. But I haven’t read the original trilogy in eleven years. Curious and somewhat nervous what an adult’s perspective would do to my love of the original trilogy, I too began reading Daughter of the Blood at the onset of 2017.

I just finished it, and I want to steal a phrase from Harry Potter to BEGIN explaining how I feel: ” ‘After all this time?’ ‘Always.’ ”

I see the brutality in this first novel of The Black Jewels Trilogy, that I will henceforth refer to as BJT, and honestly, if trigger warnings had existed ten years ago, I’m not sure if my parents would have let me read it. I will not say anything past that, but when I was fourteen, I went in already knowing that it was coming. I had read a collection of short stories first that take place in the middle of the trilogy and after. Even so, reading it now was almost shocking. I’m not sure if I was just less sensitive at fourteen or if the descriptions went over my head, because they were pretty vivid.

Still, something about this entire story still…sings to me. The way the sentences are phrased, the descriptions of the magic, the characters I wouldn’t mind sharing a glass of wine with myself and exchanging book recommendations around a roaring fire. I love these characters, and my favorite two weren’t even primarily featured in this first installment.

Some things made more sense reading as an adult, things I had either glossed over or forgotten from my first reading, and some things hit me harder now than they did when I was fourteen, especially with our first baby on the way. All I could think today as I rushed towards the end of this first book was the qualities I wanted to take away from these characters as I become a mother.

Fierce like Titian. Loyal like Daemon. Wise like Tersa. A teacher like Saetan. Mischievous like Lucivar. And most of all, loving like they all were to Jaenelle, intent with their desire to love, nurture, and protect.

If you’re thinking about reading this trilogy, all I can say is you will either love it or you won’t. But if you’re the type of person who hates a cliffhanger ending, do yourself a favor. Either get all three at once or buy the three in one. I have the three in one and the ending of the first one would have been maddening otherwise.

Until the next time, probably when I finish Heir to the Shadows, may the Darkness embrace you.

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