Black Jewels to a Glass Throne – Friday Reader Rambles

Welcome back to a long overdue edition of Friday Reader Rambles, where I ramble nonsense about books. Enjoy.

A long while back, I bought Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas to surprise my husband with. I cannot remember how long ago it was, it might have even been last year. I cannot remember exactly what made me decide to purchase it, if the cover intrigued him or if he had read the concept and was interested. I had personally heard good things about the series and all the hype all over BookTube when Queen of Shadows came out last summer. Deciding to surprise him, as we sometimes do for each other, I picked it up, no particular occasion in mind.

It sat on the shelf in our living room for a while, until I was beginning to wonder if he would ever read it. Then he got put on one of those jobs at his work where he has a lot of downtime and can read. He absolutely devoured the book, and when we finally picked up Crown of Midnight, he had to have Heir of Fire immediately after. Queen of Shadows was a gift for his birthday.

As we often do, when one of us really loves a book series, we pester the other that they should read it too. I finally picked up Throne of Glass sometime last month. I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t fly through it. Last week I began Crown of Midnight and finished it in two days. Being a working girl with an attention span of the social media era, that’s unusual for me these days. Heir of Fire took a little longer, but I finished it within a week and just began Queen of Shadows a couple of days ago.

Guys. This series is amazing. One thing that really put the author high on my list was in the back of Throne of Glass, there was a Q&A where she listed Anne Bishop as one of her influences, and I can see pieces of that mingled in with the series. In case you were unaware, I love Anne Bishop. I worshiped her Black Jewels Trilogy when I read it in 9th grade and even now, it’s still among my favorites. I think the Throne of Glass novels have that same staying power. The main character is strong and sassy and her journey from who she was to who she is meant to be is just the best roller-coaster ride. The other characters you are introduced to along the way are colorful and you can’t help but feel something for them, for better or worse. *ahem* Chaol in Queen of Shadows, I’m looking at you.

I won’t go into details, but Manon, who you meet in Heir of Fire, is also one of my favorite characters. I absolutely adore her for her fierceness and utter badassery. I am still in the beginning of Queen of Shadows and once I get more time to read, I anticipate finishing the book rather quickly. Or, at least in time so Bear and I can argue over who gets to read Empire of Storms first when it comes out at the beginning of next month.

Being married to a fellow bookworm is fun. I highly recommend. If you would like to learn more about this series so you can pester your loved ones to read it too, here is the link to the author’s site and Goodread’s page.

“She was the sovereign of a strong people and a mighty kingdom. She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one.”
– Heir to Fire

For your listening pleasure to close out this blog… Seemed appropriate given the series I was rambling about.


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