Back in the Saddle Again

Milestones are fantastic things. We all have the ones we strive for and when we finally reach them, it’s the best feeling in the world. Bear and I finally reached what may be our biggest one yet, we bought a house. I can hardly believe it’s almost May, 2016 has been a blur of loan documents, sign this, sign that, planning and preparing for this major event in our lives. The house we bought was a foreclosure and an instance of the previous owner passing away. He lived by himself, with a handful of dogs, and you can imagine he left plenty of work for us to do to get this place ready. More than that, doing the work has made this house feel more like our home. My husband had to twist my arm to convince me to take the time to paint before moving in, but I’m glad he did. It doesn’t feel like the same house anymore. It’s just hard to believe that this is the place where I will raise a family. When I have kids, they’ll take their first steps here. Start school from this driveway. My dogs will live and grow in this backyard and someday, they’ll be buried on this property. That may be a morbid thing to say, but it’s just a fact of life and it means this is home. Home. Home. I can hardly believe it.

Maybe it’s because this is the biggest milestone of my life thus far, but writing has fallen majorly to the side in the last couple of months. I had a hard time focusing on anything but when we would move into the next stage of becoming homeowners. Now, with our new carpet installed and the walls painted and my books settled onto shelves throughout the house, I am ready to refocus on my favorite pastimes of reading and writing.

Jenna Moreci on YouTube recommends doing quarterly goals and even though we are already a month into the second quarter of the year, I want to lay out some goals to get myself back on track now that the house buying madness is over and we can settle into our lives and living here. As she does, I’ll come back at the end of the quarter and give an account of how well I did.

  1. Write C & R’s story to completion, or as close as possible by the end of June
  2. Post at least one chapter of Dawn Rising to Wattpad a month
  3. Finish Pretty Diva at some point
  4. Post new blog once a week to either Carolina Kel or I Write Dangerously

This isn’t much, but it’s a start to get myself back into the groove of things. Stay tuned.

Kelswitch, over and out. It’s good to be back.

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3 Responses to Back in the Saddle Again

  1. N. says:

    Congratulations! That’s awesome! Owning our own home is one of our biggest dreams too, hopefully we’ll manage it soon too!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you. We were hoping it would happen this year but not so soon. The stars aligned just right. lol
      Good luck to you! I hope it happens for y’all soon!

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