Respect the Dead – A Rant

Respect the dead.

This has been bothering me for the last few days but rather than take the fight to Facebook where I saw the original post which set me off, I’m going to do the more productive thing and share my thoughts here. This is the Internet equivalent of my front porch and if you don’t like what I have to say, you can get out of my yard.

It may be incredibly old fashioned of me, but I believe in respect the dead. I don’t believe in pretending the recently deceased was a saint; after all, our faults are what make us so gloriously human, however… Especially for someone who contributed something to society, be it in a political capacity, musical capacity, whatever, when they die you do not just decide to go on social media and blast them to the moon and back for mistakes they made. It’s rude, inconsiderate of the loved ones they left behind, and just plain disrespectful. I am a little surprised at how much this gets under my skin. I mean, unless we’re talking someone of Hitler’s caliber, it’s just mean spirited.

I feel like it is a symptom of an entitled, hateful, and angry section of society. They feel entitled to spew their hateful comments on social media, even as they claim to be for equality and love. Every post is a battleground to these types of people, even when there really is no point. The world doesn’t change in a comment section, keyboard warrior. Lay off.

I understand this section of society is angry. They’re angry at inequality and racism and sexism and everything else that is wrong with our nation. What they seem to miss though is when they contribute to the problem in trying to prove a point on Facebook. The deceased in question whom you so happily trash contributed more to this world than you have, keyboard warrior, faults and all. What do you really gain by bringing up ugly sections of their history, when it is really a moot point?

So sit down, shut up, and quietly murmur a rest in peace, may this person find absolution and realize any mistakes they made so in the next life, they can come back a better person. Negativity breeds negativity, don’t be the fertilizer, don’t be the manure on that field. And that’s my two cents.

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One Response to Respect the Dead – A Rant

  1. Tammie Braxton says:

    You have covered absolutely everything that I have thought and could not have put it quite as eloquently as you have! So after reading this, I just shouted a big “AMEN!”, and a “You go Girl!” Thank you for posting this!

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