Oh look, a puppy!

Guys. Guys. GUYS.

It’s barely February and already 2016 has been crazy eventful, and not just because of the celebrity deaths we’ve already had this year (Rest in peace, Lemmy, David, and Alan). I’m serious. It seems like since day one, Bear and I have seen the universe laying the foundation for this to be an eventful year. It’s just big things in the works for us both and in addition to that, we also got another dog.

It seems like whenever I decide I want a dog, the universe makes it happen. I’m not joking. I decided last March that I wanted a puppy and we talked about it and talked about it for two weeks and then BAM! Along came a certain blue heeler we call Pixie Pup. This year we realized we could potentially take on a second dog and I really wanted a second dog and BAM! We were given a little Datsun. Her name is Lexie, and we are shortening that to Lex otherwise this is going to get confusing.

LEXIE! Come here girl! No, not you Pixie.

See what I mean?

Writing-wise, I Write Dangerously is coming along fantastically, if I do say so myself. I’m posting there regularly on Mondays about writerly things and it’s been smooth sailing so far. My first column published in the newspaper for 2016 and it had to be on the Sunday after a major winter storm when the paper didn’t get out. I’m still managing to get my hands on copies, thanks to the Matron of Madness and the Twisted Sister (in-law). Other than that, I’m slogging through my fanfiction that I want to have finished before March 1st. By slogging, I mean I’d almost rather be working on anything else at this point, but my goal for this year is to finish what I freaking start, so I’m sticking it out.

Or trying to. While crying. Over coffee. Because even writing sessions at Starbucks aren’t helping. Usually setting an alarm on my phone and restricting myself to just writing at Starbucks on my lunch break is pretty productive.

Fanfiction. Possibly the last one I will write.

I don’t want the Kelswitch to collect too much dust this year while I focus my blogging efforts on I Write Dangerously (wordstomidnight.wordpress.com). I’ll check back in before that happens, hopefully. In the meantime, I hope you give my second blog a follow, and that your 2016 is going fabulously so far.

Kelswitch, over and out.

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