2015 Kelswitch Wrap-up

95,786 words. 952 handwritten pages. 46/35 books read on my personal challenge on Goodreads. Worshipping at the altar of my Goddess and the music that guides me through my day to day life. Sinking my toes in the sand of coastal Carolina. Drawing fresh mountain air deep into my lungs. Being truer to myself than I’ve been in a while. Laying down the foundation for our future plans. Meeting milestones head on and continuing to move forward. That was my 2015 in a nutshell.

I started to write a drawn out blog about everything that mattered in 2015, but it was just too long. You and I both benefit if I just get to the point. I had a lot of fun in 2015. Into The Wild Life came out on my birthday and that album changed my life. It stayed in my car’s CD player for six straight months. I saw Lzzy Hale perform that music in person and it affected me on a personal level. I hit a few emotional sinkholes that I didn’t discuss with anyone, but her words helped me get through it.

            My puppy, Pixie girl, found her way to us on St. Patrick’s Day.


 She changed our lives and gave us someone else to love.

I was selected as a columnist for my local paper in 2016 and decided to focus on my fiction completely as a personal work that I have  no intentions of publishing. I am writing just for myself, to finish things, and learn all I can along the way. I finished a 194 page story written by hand that just fulfilled something in me. I had a blast writing it. I’ve kept this blog up as well, all while participating in National Novel Writing Month and winning for my second time. I also started I Write Dangerously, a new blogging project I intend to focus more on in the new year. You can find that at http://www.wordstomidnight.wordpress.com. The posting schedule is set for Mondays.

I want to read 50 books this year. I want to write more than I did in 2015. Bear and I have plans to buy a house at some point (fingers crossed) and maybe even give Pixie a sibling, furry of course. These dreams and goals are not big and shiny, but they feel right. Life has taken us down roads we didn’t expect, but we’re in a good place and we intend to stay that way as we move into the future and continue to build our lives. I feel like 2015 was a year for laying foundation and we have done that. We hit our one year anniversaries for our respective jobs and our one year wedding anniversary. It’s had its ups and downs, but we’re all good.

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