I Write Dangerously

It’s been three years since I graduated from college and set out into the world clueless but hopeful.

I’m still clueless but hopeful.

As we wrap up another NaNoWriMo and I tuck my winner’s certificate away in the mess that is eternally my “office” (aka household dump site), I find myself thinking a lot about writing and the impact it has had on my life. I find myself thinking about how I am not the same person I was three years ago, or even a year ago.

A friend of mine has been recently telling me about his plans for world domination and furthering his education and possibly opening a PR firm one day. I listened politely and cheered him on, as I always will. But inside, I was thinking I could never be career driven like that. I grew up thinking I could never be the person that chases a career and success to the detriment of my family life. Three years post graduation with my adult priorities having revealed themselves, I realize I’m still like that.

My priorities are not about my career or becoming a hugely successful author. Maybe that seems counter-intuitive as I add another National Novel Writing Month victory to my belt and continue to write and blog, but that’s the thing. This is all for fun.

The five year anniversary of when I changed my major to English passed recently, when I decided to “focus on writing” completely. Again, what I just said seems counterproductive to that. I still have aspirations of working in publishing in some way. I’ve applied with local newspapers and magazines for about five different jobs in the last six months. I haven’t hit pay dirt with any of them, but that’s okay. If that’s not the path I’m meant to go down, that’s fine.

This is all for fun, true, but I do it for a reason bigger than that. I write because it feeds something in my soul. It just feels good, it feels right to write. No matter where my job takes me in life, I will always be writing. I suppose that’s one of my adult priorities, to always be writing. My other main adult priority is to take care of my family. My husband, Bear, and our Pixie pup.

I know what matters to me. The rest will fall into place in its own time. Being able to say that and actually mean it is new to me and it feels pretty good.

I’m launching a new project soon that will explore writing’s impact on my life a little more in depth. I’m calling it I Write Dangerously and you can find it over at http://www.wordstomidnight.wordpress.com. If you enjoy the Kelswitch, please give that blog a looksee and consider subscribing. I’ll be posting there soon and I hope what I do with it inspires other writers out there to follow their craft.

Thank you for reading. Happy Holidays and I’d like to leave you with this little gem of a song. Kelswitch, over and out.

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