On the Rock Show High

My goal is to finish Through Time by November 1st, in time to start my 2015 NaNoWriMo adventure. From where I was at last week, I need to average 3 pages a day to do it. I wrote 9 pages on Friday and none this weekend, so that works out right?

It was a busy weekend. In fact, the last couple of weeks have been slightly crazy. It felt like for the entirety of September, we had somewhere to be every single weekend. October is showing no signs of slowing down either. We have our Pixie Pup enrolled in a training class at Petsmart, which takes up our Saturdays for most of October. It has already been slightly stressful and slightly wonderful. We found out the hard way she DOES NOT like big dogs, but what we’re learning in class is really helping us at home. It’s a good thing we have a smart blue heeler, even if she has her duh moments.

After class, Bear and I dropped her off at home and headed off to see a movie and just hang out together. We saw The Intern with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway and ohmylord, let me tell you! That movie is fantastic, so much better than even I was expecting! It was an unexpected commentary on where feminism is now. Working moms still being shamed by stay at homes, trying to find the balance between work and home without compromising on your dreams, and where the hell do men fit in all of this? They still haven’t got it figured out! But at the same time, this movie also demonstrated how we still need each other. There were so many lines in this movie, so many scenes where I could have stood up in the theater and cheered! Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway put on stellar performances, representing where feminism has brought us in a way that isn’t in your face but is still truthful. I loved the movie and, along with Mad Max, it’s going to be one of the few movies this year I buy after seeing it in theaters.

Mad Max was fantastic too. Ahhhh! Check out the trailer for The Intern here.

Yesterday was also eventful. I found out for sure, beyond the shadow of a doubt, I have bragging rights that my fried pickles are as good as Razoo’s Cajun Cafe, the first place I ever had fried pickles. It was our second time eating there and it was fantastic. I don’t know that I’d call myself a foodie, but Bear and I are always looking for something to try and to enjoy, and if we can emulate it at home on our own, that’s even better.

The reason we haven’t eaten at Razoo’s more than twice in three years is because it’s near Charlotte, a good little drive from us. However, yesterday we went to a concert in Charlotte so when in Rome… But the concert. It was also a second time, our second time seeing Halestorm live.

Halestorm is, without a doubt, my favorite band right now. Lzzy Hale just writes songs that I relate to, more so than Godsmack ever has. She inspires me in a way few musicians do and seeing her live is a true experience I’d recommend to anyone. Being at a rock show is an experience I’d recommend to anyone. Bear and I were discussing as we left how it’s almost like a spiritual experience.

I knew every word to every song and singing along in a crowd of people who also love the same thing, seeing the different people that you share a musical connection with, it is something everyone should experience once. It’s a high that doesn’t require drugs or alcohol, just a ticket.

For anyone reading who has never heard of Halestorm, give this a listen.

Being that this was in Charlotte and we had a bit of a drive to get home, we didn’t get to bed until 2am and I was up at 7:30 to go to work, but I don’t feel as much like a zombie as I was expecting. I’d like to think it is the very natural high that comes from a rock show that I’m still floating on. Seriously, I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol or anything else but I was giggling like mad woman on the way home and I just feel happy today.

I may change my mind around 2 o’clock today, but we’ll see.

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