I Did A Thing

Last night, I did the thing I swore I was never going to do again. I had put in my time, I was sick of it, I wasn’t going down that road again.

I registered for school.

After I graduated with my BA and spent far too much time trying to find a job, I considered graduate school. I considered it and almost as quickly rejected it. The money wasn’t there and there was no guarantee it would actually help me find employment. Besides that, I had no idea what kind of career I wanted to pursue. I had an English degree, and usually the first question people ask when they find that out is “Oh, are you a teacher? Are you going to teach?”

No, no, and hell no. Sorry, not for me.

It’s closing in on three years since I graduated and it seems more and more I’m seeing people go back to school. These are people who already have the Bachelor degree. They’ve already got the shiny piece of paper that declares them qualified. There are a broad range of things I can do with an English degree, but most of them require further education of some sort. Whether it’s graduate school or some sort of technical knowledge that you can get at a community college, it’s like the shiny extras added to the glowing piece of education you already have. The Bachelor degree is like the foundation upon which you can build your life, but it’s just the foundation, it’s just the beginning unless you are going into teaching or you’re lucky. And in a lot of cases, teachers go back to school too.

I guess this is just a side effect of being a professional in any field. There is no end to the learning, there will always be new building blocks to add to your knowledge.

It’s closing in on three years this December since I graduated and I finally know what I want to pursue as a career, so that’s what I’m doing. The skills and knowledge I lack that hurt me in the job application process are what I’m going after now. It’s just one class for now, but it’s a huge step forward to me. Especially since I did not want to go back to school, but my desire for this career outweighs my “done” with school feelings. I’m actually really excited about it, truth be told. It makes me feel like I’m “making it happen” as the Matron of Madness likes to say.

If any of my friends from college happen to read this and you’ve continued your education beyond the Bachelors, you are awesome. It seems like almost none of us are doing what we thought we’d be doing, but that’s okay. More than okay. We’re getting where we need to be, one step at a time. 🙂

Happy Writer Wednesday all. Kelswitch, over and out!

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