Evolving the Self

This is something I’ve been thinking over for a while, and I’d like to know if I’m the only one.

When I was in high school and picking out my class ring, one of the emblems I wanted on the side was the same symbol Godsmack has used since their first album, a little sun. My parents wouldn’t let me do it. Their logic was that I might not like Godsmack down the road. I thought it was a poor excuse then and I think it’s a poor excuse now. I’ve always thought that even if I didn’t like the band years down the road, I could see see that symbol on my class ring as part of the representation of who I used to be, and how can that be a regret?

Godsmack is still one of my top bands, but they’ve been knocked from my top spot by Halestorm. That doesn’t mean I like them less, it just means I’ve changed as a person and what I enjoy has changed as well. There’s quite a few things I enjoy now that I didn’t in high school, and to me it’s cool to note how my tastes have changed and evolved. I have two examples of this.

The first one is something I wrote about last year, Outlander. I still haven’t seen the show but I’ve read the book and I absolutely loved it! That being said, I also realized while reading it that if I had tried it in high school, I probably would have hated it. I read a lot of Hannah Howell and Karen Marie Moning Highlander novels when I was in high school. Compared to those two, Gabaldon is dense. She packs a lot in and it’s not all romance, but it’s an awesome ride nonetheless.

Another example is music. The summer after I graduated from high school, I took two trips with Bear’s family out of town. The Matron of Madness had three albums on repeat for both trips. Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, and Rob Thomas. The first two I loved, especially Black Eyed Peas. It was fast paced and upbeat and what I wanted to hear. Rob Thomas didn’t really excite me that much. I kinda fell asleep when that CD came up on rotation.

Recently, I’ve come across the same Rob Thomas album on the work computer and I can’t get enough of it, six years later. His music isn’t as “Yeah, we’re young and ready for whatever life throws at us” as Black Eyed Peas. At eighteen, I felt like the entire world was lying open before me and that’s what I wanted to hear. These days? The tone of Rob Thomas’s music is what I want to hear, especially “Real World ’09.” Where I’m at right now, it just makes me happy. Six years ago, I couldn’t get into it.

Am I the only one? What kind of things do you think you wouldn’t have liked in high school but you love now?

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