Categorizing Your Compartments

You might have noticed, if you like to haunt the Kelswitch, that I’ve done some rearranging. I’ve made new categories for my blogs and erased the older ones, which resulted in a lot of blogs that are listed under Uncategorized, even when they really are. WordPress can be quite the beast, sometimes.

I like the categories. They make it seem like there is some order, some maintenance to the random chaos that is my blog. They make it seem like I’m not just over here babbling to myself incoherently, there is a purpose and point here! But what does that matter? Maybe it doesn’t.

It’s kinda like life though. Categorize. Compartmentalize. Work. Home. Filing. Balancing the checkbook. Cooking. Laundry. Entertainment. I do a lot of categorizing in my job, come to think of it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Everything has to have a label, a category and compartment that justify it and give it meaning. What was that Walmart excursion for with the company credit card? Office expenses, because that ink in the printer doesn’t magically refill itself. Regardless that I know that, my boss knows that, we have to put a label on it in the books, so someone else who comes along can recognize what it was for.

Or when we look back in six months after we’ve totally forgotten, we can remind ourselves. Just like the blog categories.

Everything has a sort of meaning at the time. It may lose that meaning over time, but if we categorize, compartmentalize, it helps it a little.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve thought a lot about the daily grind of work, home, work, home. Often, when college friends ask what I’ve been up to, I feel a little unsettled. They’re jetting off to Scotland and Ireland, going after their Masters, and finding love in the most unexpected places. And I’m just over here, working my ordinary job and going home to my ordinary little house.

But there is a meaning here. I’m not just rambling incoherently along in life. Every day, every paycheck, is a step forward. A step towards a new car, a house, a family. A perfectly random and ordinary trip home for lunch brought a little ball of fur and energy into our lives. There was meaning there, even if I didn’t realize it before.

But what category did it fall under? How did I compartmentalize that beautiful puppy coming into my life? She’s the start to our family. So beginnings. Yeah, she is a beginning, so in six months I don’t forget.

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