Moving On

Thirsty Thursday

This is the final chapter to the Thirsty Thursday feature. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, as I have writing it. If you’re just now tuning in, you may read the previous three parts here.

One of the hardest things to really grasp while in college is the fact that it will all eventually end. Graduating was a surprise. Suddenly, the whirl wind that had been my life ended and I was back in my room at home, with a bunch of stuff and no idea where my life was going to go from there. Pro tip, take the time before graduation to seriously figure this out and save yourself a lot of trouble. Is there a certain job you want to pursue? Grad school? Figure that out BEFORE they put that fancy piece of paper in your hands. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.

I spent a lot of time after I graduated questioning the value of the degree I had earned, since it didn’t seem to be giving me any advantage in the job hunt. Some days, I’m still not sure, but I do know it was an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. I know that it changed me for the better, and that even now, two years later, I still can’t believe it is over.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Bear and I visited my Alma Mater for the first time in over a year. We didn’t walk our old paths, mostly because it seems over half of the campus is under construction as they build on and expand their programs and housing. We visited with Maestro, who still lives in the area, and reminisced a lot about those days, and how we can’t believe so much time has already gone by. Everyone we knew in college has scattered to the four winds.

This is something else you’ll have to accept. Unless special efforts are made, the friends you had in college, the group you spent the most time with, will drift apart. It’s natural, because we all came from different places and when we go back to them, we get wrapped up in our lives and careers and that’s all perfectly understandable. Try not to take it personally. Your friends think about you too.

There is life after college, but you’ll never be the same. You’ll miss those days just as much as you’ll be glad they’re over and you’re moving on. Through the twists and turns of life, we’re meant to be moving forward, not lingering on. College is a phase of life and it eventually ends.

This Thirsty Thursday feature feels very short and lacking of a point, but I wanted to write it. The writer in me, the sentimental me, thinks about the college days as much as she does the high school days. I think about what I took away from those experiences, how much I’ve changed since then, and how I’ve become a better person. It’s a constant evolution.

I wanted to reflect on my college days in a way that might be meaningful to someone out there, either just beginning the journey or already past it. If we ever meet in real life, let’s share a coffee and compare notes about our experiences. It makes for some good laughs and shared cringes, which often are what make up good conversations, and I’m always in search of my next good one.

Thanks for reading. Kelswitch, over and out.

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