I don’t adult.

This week’s edition of Friday Reader Rambles fits into the Thirsty Thursday feature I’ve had going for the last two weeks. You can check that out here. #shamelessplug

So what could I have possibly read that relates to my blogging about the aspects of college life I miss and wish to reflect on for the month of May? I’ll give you a hint. I wish someone had given me this book when I started college. When I graduated from college. EVERY TIME IN-BETWEEN. 

Adulting is a novel written by Kelly Williams Brown and I meant that last statement in italicized bold.

This novel was picked up on a whim while Bear and I were out shopping last Saturday. It was at Barnes & Noble on that “gift for the graduate” table they have out right now. I bought it because I thought it’d be funny and it was, in a way. But honestly, and I’m admitting this after having lived “on my own” for a year now. “On my own” is in quotation marks because, barring my college dorm experience, I have never actually lived on my own. I went straight from living with my parents to living with my husband, like a lot of women from yesteryear, I’m sure. That’s what you get when you find the man you want to marry at 16. Anyway…

I’ve been working and making my way in the world for a year with minimal assistance from parental figures. And I still found a few useful tips in this book. I’m honestly considering gifting copies to friends. Not because I think they are helpless human beings, but because there was a small nugget of wisdom in there somewhere that I thought they might benefit from. How to not burn the kitchen down, for example. A reiteration of the fact that being with someone who isn’t as invested as you is toxic. Set money back on a semi-weekly basis. Etc.

Money. Love. Cleaning habits. Apartment hunting tips. A sinking feeling that you’re not using enough bleach…

Wait, what.

There was some stuff in this book that called for a big ole “DUH” but the author was aware of that and approached certain items with gentle caresses, and others with a giant DON’T YOU DO THIS, YOU KNOW BETTER. It was a valuable read with some good tips and some laughs about this insane thing expected of us called “adulting.” Then one thing you walk away with after reading?

You can do it too!


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