Round the Table Speak

Thirsty Thursday, part 2. Part 1 can be read here.

If you weren’t aware of it before you came to college, one of the things you’ll quickly learn is the shared meal times. You either have it planned out with your roommate when to go to the caf, or you hate your roommate and spend all your time comparing schedules with your other classmates. Meet with this person for your shared lunch break between classes. Have a time with your entire group of friends to meet in the caf for supper. This is one of the things I miss the most about college. Never again after these four years are over will you find yourself sharing meals with this many people,  this often. Your entire family doesn’t come over for dinner every night, and even if they did, you don’t have someone else taking care of the meal.

Unless you’re rich. In which case, go you.

The atmosphere of the college cafeteria is loud. The athletes must be watched carefully, or they take all the pizza. Some nights the best thing was the salad bar. Other nights, there wasn’t anything worth eating on it either. You’ll never have such easy access to a ice cream machine or hot chocolate machine again.

Unless you’re rich. Again, go you.

We always preferred the round tables, which made it easier to carry on discussions with everyone at the table. The table is usually surrounded by a mix of backpacks and laptop cases for those who came straight from their 2:30-5pm lab, and the minimalist cases that hold a student ID, keys, and cellphone. When you’re in college, you most definitely DO NOT carry your wallet everywhere. Who needs it when that almighty ID card is your go-to weapon of choice for everything? Meals? Entrance into your living quarters? It’s pretty simple and on days I have to dig around in my purse for my wallet at lunch, another piece of the puzzle that I miss.

Supper time was a delight and a pain, sometimes. Getting everyone together at the same time could be as challenging as it is any other time in life, but it’s also infinitely easier. Especially freshmen year, very few were smart enough to choose a skinny meal plan, so that’s where a good chunk of our tuition dollars went and we had to use it. I think our standard meal plan was 19 meals a week, including weekends which only did brunch.

Meal times could range from falling over in my seat from laughter to being on the edge of my seat to participate in the very serious discussion we were having. Like I said in my last post, nothing facilitated conversation better than a meal. Long after the plates are empty and the soda runs low, you still aren’t ready to leave because of the conversations, the eye of the storm of who we were trying to become.

What were some of your favorite things about dinnertime during your college years?

Thirsty Thursday


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