The Most Dangerous Character

Last night, I caught bits and pieces of The Walking Dead on AMC, which I don’t usually watch. That being said, what I did see reminded me of what I consider to be the most dangerous character type in any type of series. The pastor/preacher that approached what’s-her-face about Rick and his crew being dangerous. I watched the scene and it was like I could see the demise of their current situation unfolding right before my eyes.

On Game of Thrones, the most terrifying character to me is Melisandre. In the books, on the show, she is the most terrifying character because she is the one I can see reflections of in real life. Her religion is a all or nothing proposition. You either accept her deity as your own or you die, because there’s just no redeeming your sorry ass. Look at human history. How many people have died because of that very idea? George R.R. Martin bases a lot of his story on real human history and I can only imagine Melisandre is no different.

It’s been nice to hear multiple people over my years say that they don’t agree with religion, they don’t believe in it. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a close relationship with God or Jesus Christ, or even Buddha for that matter. It just means they’ve seen the evil that can come from organized religion. There is a lot men will do if they believe they’re justified by a higher power. I believe the movie Season of the Witch touched on that issue, actually. If you haven’t seen that movie, put it on your watch list. It wasn’t what I expected but it’s still a great movie.

Melisandre is a master manipulater and it’s gotten her from Dragonstone to the Wall, all while at the side of the “true king” of Westeros. Regardless whether her power over the flames is real or not, she has true power in how she controls men and furthers her own ambitions, all by using tools of the faith to win people to her side. There’s no telling what it would take to stop her, or if anyone would even want to as long as she recognizes the threat of the White Walkers and wants to do something about it.

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