More Ramblings About Stiefvater

If your head is spinning from my sporadic posting as of late, don’t worry! You are not alone. It’s been quiet the past few weeks and then I do three blogs in three days. I don’t understand me either.

I will eventually run out of Stiefvater books to read and then the Kelswitch will get a break from my excited babbling about her work but in the meantime, enjoy the rambling. It is what I do best. šŸ˜‰

I started Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater this week and once again, I was surprised. I read The Scorpio Races back in January and it had a completely different feel to it than The Raven Cycle. Well, she’s done it again folks. Shiver is not like what I’ve read by her before. It reads almost like a intricate painting, every word carefully chosen to put together the larger picture. It feels like art, like a labor of love. This opinion may or may not be fueled by the fact that I saw an interview somewhere in which Stiefvater said she wrote this book because she wanted to make people cry.

I don’t think she meant it as mean as that sounds. Let me explain a little further.

Stiefvater says she’s not a crier when it comes to books. Frankly, neither am I. I think what she’s trying to achieve with Shiver and the two books that come after it is to make people feel, to move them, to make them feel #allthefreakingfeels. (I borrowed that hashtag from 10 Minute Novelists, FYI)

There is only one book I can recall crying at, and that was Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward, Vishous and Jane’s book. That’s one out of the multitude of books I own. I can’t say whether or not Shiver will make that cut, but it’s a sweet story. Reading it is like eating candy, but unlike Sarah Addison Allen (whose work is also like eating candy), this candy may or may not growl at you. Werewolves, dude, werewolves.

Stiefvater has said in her videos that she writes about werewolves and kissing. Well, there’s a lot of YA friendly kissing in this book, and some very testy wolves hanging around in the backyard. I think I’m going to stop talking about this book and go back to reading it. Sam is calling me back with his guitar.

Happy reading everyone! Have a great weekend!

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