Year One

I read something recently that claims to explain how time seems to go by so fast. According to it, it is in direct relation to our age. For example, when we are one year old, one year is our entire life. When we’re five, one year is a fifth of our life and so on. It’s as if the more years we get under our belt, the shorter they get because in the grand scheme, they’re not that much time. My dad used to say all the time that time flies and it only gets worse as you get older.

The past year has been crazy for me. So much changed in such a short period of time in the grand scheme of my 23 years. Today marks one year at my current job and even if it’s not my dream job, it was the catalyst for everything that came after. The Matriarch is a true catalyst in every sense of the word because she stood in my corner and sang my praises. Without her, my lack of experience would have more than likely been the deciding factor, again.

It’s a big week in my corner of the world. Last year saw so many changes that began with March 11th and the natural progression of that continues. Last night I bought my own insurance, on a twice a year payment schedule, and it didn’t break the bank. This may not seem like a big deal but I can remember vividly in my growing up years people struggling to pay their car insurance every six months. I feel blessed that I was able to do it and it not be that big of a deal. Besides that, having my own car insurance means that Frankenstang, my beloved Mustang, will finally be in my name. My dad and I are taking care of that tomorrow.

It’s exciting how fast things can change and intimidating to handle it. If we don’t have a care, time rolls on without us and we’re left wondering what we did with ourselves. I didn’t know where I’d be now two years ago, and I don’t know where I’ll be in two years. I just have to keep doing my thing and keep an open heart. There’s no telling what lies just around the corner.

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3 Responses to Year One

  1. I really like this theory; it definitely makes sense to me! Today is actually my 23rd birthday, and I’m doing a lot of reflection and thinking about time. Thanks for sharing, and I hope the next year is even better for you!

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