Yay Review or Nay Curfew?

I’ve been seeing a few articles floating around lately that say writers should not write book reviews online, whether it be on Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever. It’s apparently bad juju. It’s not your place, not your job, just stop it.

I disagree.

I’m a writer, but before I was a writer, I was a reader. I’m still a reader first because, let’s be honest here, it fuels my super powers! I would not be the writer I am if not for the books I’ve read and the various authors that have influenced me, for good or bad. And I write this blog because I enjoy it. I also enjoy talking about the books I’ve read or am reading at the moment.

Friday Reader Rambles is not really reviews so much as rambling, hence the title. However, being told I cannot write and post reviews just because I’ve assembled 50,000 words into some semblance of a story is just wrong. I would never bash an author or just flat out say their writing sucks. That’s not my style, and it’s bad manners. I might point out what I didn’t like about it, but even with my BA in English, I’m no expert. I can only offer my opinion and if people don’t like it, the Kelswitch is not for them.

Telling writers they cannot write reviews because it is a conflict of interest for what amounts to their peers seems like a cop-out. We’re caving to suit the PC world we live in where it’s better to keep your mouth shut and say nothing opposed to offending someone. Honey, this is the Internet. You can offend someone just by writing color instead of colour (don’t get me started on that).

Writers who like reading and writing about what you’re reading, keep doing your thing. Mind your manners, of course, but keep talking about what you love. It’s the beauty of the Internet that we can do so and share with likeminded people. Just don’t feed the trolls that occassionally wander in from the woods.

I guess it’s appropriate that I’m writing this on Thursday, between Writer Wednesday and Friday Reader Rambles, since it involves both. Have a great day everyone! We’re snowed in at my house and it is gorgeous!


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  1. Stephanie says:

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    Should writers review the work of their peers? Or just keep their mouth shut? It’s an ongoing conversation, it seems.

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