Mama, what’s a pre-sequel?

Enablers are everywhere, always watching, always plotting ways to get you to their vice of choice. Friday night, one of our enablers made sure we stepped into the world of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. It’s something that will give us a break from Diablo III, to ensure we do not get burned out on it. The more games that Bear and I have to play together, the better.

I’ve briefly tried Borderlands 2, but I didn’t play long enough to really get the hang of it. A digital copy came with my Xbox 360 that I bought last July, but I haven’t played it yet. Bear and I have agreed though that we’ll be hitting that after the Pre-Sequel.

2K put the Pre-Sequel out exclusively on the last-gen consoles, meaning it is not available for the Xbox One. The design of this game is unique (in my experience) and the humor is right up our alley. There’s so many different types of guns and each character has their own special ability. Since this does take place on the moon, procuring oxygen is a very high priority but manageable.

I have to admit, getting used to the playing style was somewhat of a challenge. For the first while, it was like watching a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes and I had no idea where anything was or how to do much besides walk forward and shoot, the mechanics of which are very basic if you’ve ever played any time of shooter. It got easier though, and I’m enjoying it with Bear.

It’s been a weird week, missing work for a day and a half because of the weather. But all is well in our corner of Carolina. Everybody has stayed safe and warm and no one has busted their butt on the ice (knock on wood). I hope the weather has been kind to you, wherever you are in the world. 🙂

Until next time, Kelswitch over and out.

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