I now understand why adulthood seems to magically change some people’s perspectives on snow days. It’s not that we hate the white stuff that falls from the sky in beautiful fluffy flakes, though we could do without the ice. It’s the anxiety. I’ve been waiting for a snow day all winter and now that I’ve got one, I’m a nervous little mess.

Should I have tried to go to work? Oh god, that ice doesn’t look that bad. I don’t think my boss will hate me/fire me for this, but did I make the right decision?

And I don’t even have kids to worry about. It was my call at 7:30 this morning to not even attempt Frankenstang on the ice, she’s been through enough in her life. And even though I’m worried and second-guessing myself, I have to enjoy this free day. So, I’m going to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, make a top ten Tuesday post!

My Top 10 Snow Day Activities

10. Play video games all day with my husband
We did this last year when we got snowed in and just played video games for two days straight, which is when I fell in love with Dante’s Inferno on the Xbox 360. Now, Bear is nudging me to play Diablo but I have other things on my to-do list for a day like today.

9. Get caught up on all my laundry
Sometimes, I put off this or that load and try to do it during the week, which means it gets left in the basket, waiting to be folded all week. People may not believe me, but this drives me nuts. But getting home as late as I sometimes do, I’m not in the mood to deal with something that isn’t absolutely necessary. Today is a perfect day to put everything back in its proper place!

8. Drink lots and lots of coffee
How can you have a snow day without a lot of some type of hot beverage? I just wish I had thought to grab some Bailey’s yesterday… I love the Original flavor creamer. It’s sooooo good.

7. Catch up on my blog
Working on that right now! I’ve been out of action on the Kelswitch and I Want to Write for the last week, and it’s been like a nagging little something in the back of my mind that I forgot to do. Blogging makes me happy and when I go awhile without doing it, I feel it.

6. Eat some good snowed in food
Before the roads got truly terrible last night, Bear and I ventured out to my mom’s for soup. We had a bowl there and I brought with me a tupperware bowl to take some home in. She also gave us some of her post-Valentine’s Day sale loot. COOKIES!

5. Catch up on my reading
I do a lot of this at work when things are slow, but I’m down to all hardbacks in my to be read pile (except for A Dance with Dragons) and sometimes I don’t like to carry them around. Maybe it’s because hardbacks cost so much more, but I would just rather read them when I’m not carting them all over creation, where something is just waiting to happen to them. I take off the jacket covers whenever I’m reading one, but still.

4. Super Secret Project
There’s been something on my to-do list for the last week that I haven’t mentioned to anyone but Bear. I’ve got some stuff to get together for it and today is the perfect time to do it. It may be that nothing comes of it, but you never know what may happen when you put a request out for the universe to answer. You may surprise yourself.

3. Take pictures
Even though it’s coated with a nice layer of ice, the outside world right now is beautiful. There’s just something magical about snow and I hope that as I grow older and life takes more twists and turns, that I don’t lose that sense of wonder when I see it falling or already settled on the ground. I think my inner child is alive and well and I’d like to keep her that way.

2. Marathon Lord of the Rings
I didn’t think of this until yesterday and I’m still trying to talk Bear into it (he’d forgotten we even own the trilogy), but it just seems the right thing for a day when you’re going nowhere.

1. Work on  my latest novel
I’ve been working on a new novel off and on for the last few weeks and weekends always seem to slip through my fingers before I can spend any quality time with it. I hope I get at least a couple thousand words in on it today.

0.5. Make updates to my novella on Amazon
This should be higher on my to-do list, but since some things have changed, I’ve decided to update the ending on my novella on Amazon to reflect that. I don’t want folks to be left hanging and right now, I have no plans to go back and work on a sequel or the series I’d planned to come after it. I’ve just spent too much time in this world and I’m tired of it. I want to move on to something new!

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