Mags aren’t rags!

This is going to be a slightly different edition of Friday Reader Rambles in that it is not about a book. Two reasons for that.

1. I just started A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin this week and I’m not ready to blog about it. In fact, I have no idea when I will finish it. He’s always slow reading for me. It could be a few weeks (HA), but mostly likely it will be 1-3 months.

2. I’m trying to be a good little writer and add some different things to my literary diet. And with that, I give you… Our State!

20150205_193932These are the only three issues I’ve purchased to date, but I think I want to make it part of my monthly reading. There are 100 counties in this beautiful state and a lot this magazine might teach me. Who knows? There may be a story idea somewhere in these articles…

I’ve never been a big magazine reader. I once got a 2 year subscription to Glamour, which also coincided with when I left for college, so a lot of those issues went unread. It makes me a little wary of spending money on something like that again. We’ll see if I do make it a regular read.

One thing that glancing at these covers should tell you about North Carolina? We like our food.

Have a great weekend all! Kelswitch, over and out!


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