Rambles Roundup Vol. 1

imageIntroducing, for the first time ever on the Kelswitch, I give you the Rambles Roundup! A new feature where, once at the end of the month, I share everything I’ve been reading for the last thirty odd days. I hope this is the start of something great and that you enjoy these posts as companions to Friday Reader Rambles. 🙂

Speaking as a reader, 2015 has been off to a great start. I feel as if I’m reading all over the map, from urban fiction to magical realism to YA tales of homicidal horses. I’m also perusing writing books, testing myself as a writer this year.

What’s coming up on my reader menu for February is more Allen (I actually just started First Frost), Stiefvater, and I just recently got my hands on A Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop, the sequel to Written in Red. I’m really excited about it. I mean, it’s Anne Bishop. She’s been on my list of favorites since I was 14 years old.
One thing about this new little adventure on the Kelswitch, it gives me an even better excuse to play with the photo editor on my phone. See below for explanation. hehe



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