It’s all in the Frosting

Growing up, I never got into the “local” scene of writers. That is, I didn’t read anything by people in my area. That changed when I went to college and took a class called Appalachian Lit. The authors in my adopted home were wonderful and in the time since I graduated, two remain strong on my list of favorites. One of them is Sarah Addison Allen.

Allen is a native of Asheville. Her father was a writer for the Asheville Citizen Times and if memory serves, she knows one of my college professors. Such a small world for this to be an author I randomly picked up at a book sale in the campus library. I maybe paid a buck for The Girl Who Chased the Moon and it was a dollar well spent. In fact, I don’t know if it made it off my TBR pile until after I graduated from college.

I don’t know how much time passed between when I read it and when Lost Lake came out last January. That was when I met Allen for the first time at a book signing, and I went to see her again last night for her latest release First Frost.

She’s a lovely writer and a lovely person. Her books have the power to take the every day and make it magical. She is also a cancer survivor. I feel so privileged to have met her twice now, to have First Frost in hardback and signed. She’s clearly a down to earth person who loves words and food, by her own confession. But really, who doesn’t love food? Looking at her pictures on Facebook and Instagram really makes me want a cupcake… We did get doughnuts after the signing, since we were in the neighborhood of our local Krispy Kreme.

We got doughnuts last year after seeing her but this year, my husband especially deserved the treat. He spent eight and half hours working outside yesterday and was tired as hell, but he still went with me. He’s too good to me sometimes.

Anyway, if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat of a read, I’d definitely recommend checking out Allen’s work. All of her books can be read in any order except First Frost, which is a sequel to Garden Spells.

The above links to her facebook, but you can also visit her at 🙂

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