A lil twisted

Lzzy Hale says I’m on the train that’s pulling the sick and twisted. That’s why I love Halestorm so much, they know me. I wasn’t always into twisted things though. I went through a phase in middle school with horror movies and being really into the Hannibal Lector books and movies, but high school saw me reading more romance than anything else, and that lasted through most of college.

Then I got on Xbox and eventually found my way to Alice: Madness Returns and Dante’s Inferno. I am convinced these games worked their way to the top of my personal favorites list because they were so messed up. Dante especially had a lot of WTF moments. I’m still waiting for a sequel to one or both of these games *hint hint Microsoft*

I’ve gotten into video games and I have my fair share of things I geek out over but anime has never really been one of them, unless it was Inuyasha or Sailor Moon, but Bear has gotten me into a show called Deadman Wonderland on Netflix and it is awesome! It’s messed up but that’s what makes it so fascinating. I don’t know what this says about me that I like these things, but it’s an aspect of myself I’d like to explore.

It’s why I’m reconsidering who I am as a writer. I used to think I wanted to write romance. I went into NaNoWriMo telling people that’s what I wanted to write, but then Daughter Mine wasn’t romance in the sense that I was used to and I’m coming to realize I don’t want to be limited that way. I have no idea where my niche in the writing world will eventually fall, but I want to spend time exploring it. I’m going to post a complete debriefing on the completion of NaNoWriMo on Wednesday, but that is one thing I can tell you now. I’m walking away ready to explore more of myself as a writer, to branch out and try new things.

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