Warm Up Week

Exciting news! The shitty first draft is underway! It’s probably cheating, but I’ve begun NaNoWriMo. Sort of. This is my warm up week and my goal is 500 words a day, culminating in 3,000 words by October 31st. I’m not counting this towards the 50,000 in thirty days, otherwise why even participate in NaNo? No, my goal here is to get myself used to writing every day again. Compared to last year, time spent tip-tapping at the keyboard has been sparse. Especially over the last few months, most writing has happened in my notebook while I was at work. There was no progress towards any real project.

Remember how I said I was going to finish Dawn Rising? Yeah, about that…

I’ve been so busy being excited for NaNoWriMo that I haven’t paid much attention to its blogging counterpart, which I will not be participating in because I am not insane. However, I know many who blog or are thinking about blogging and they might find this challenge intriguing. It’s called National Blog Posting Month and the idea is that you post a new blog every day. You can sign up online, same as NaNoWriMo. For more information, check out this blog here.

One thing that will make this challenge interesting and perhaps a little easier is a rule I’ve thought about laying down for myself. That rule is every time Bear gets on the Xbox to play Destiny, I go write. I’d get a lot done that way during the month of November. Heck, I could have had the novel done from its September release to now. I may just give it a go.

Until next time, folks. Kelswitch is over and out to disappear into the writing cave.


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