On a Crisp Autumn Breeze, This Note….

I love fall. It’s my absolute favorite time of year, which is funny because I used to hate the cold. Then I started dating Bear and went to college in the mountains. It changed how my blood flows a little. Crisp air has a bite to it today and my insides are jumping for joy at the prospect of what lies ahead. Boots, sweatshirts, hot drinks, time spent around a bonfire sharing laughter and love, beautiful leaves showing their full glory of color, and festivals with special foods and crafts.

Aside from all that, this fall is extra special. I get married this fall. I go on my honeymoon this fall. A lot is happening, a lot is changing. I want to go to the mountains. I want to hit the Renaissance Festival with a big group of my friends. I want to visit all the fairs and festivals with friends and family and start thinking about the holidays ahead where we give thanks and express our love for each other. It’ll be mine and Bear’s first Christmas living together, the first time we’ll wake up that morning together. I’m so excited about it all. It’s all long overdue and a vast improvement from where I was a year ago.

That all being said, with my wedding two weeks away, I’m taking a short break from the Kelswitch. I’ll be back in action no later than October 20th at the absolute latest. It is my hope that when I do return, with the madness of a wedding behind me, I’ll be able to post more than once a week again. Stay tuned.

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