What College Living Taught Me

One morning, as I was walking out the door for work, it occurred to me that the motions of flipping the lock, checking to make sure I had everything, were very similar to when I lived in a dorm room. On that train of thought, I began to realize that maybe college taught me a little more than I originally thought. That’s the thing about the college experience, it goes far beyond what you actually learn in a classroom. It’s a whole life experience. So, in the spirit of Buzzfeed and all those other trend websites, the Kelswitch proudly presents:

What Living in a College Dorm Taught Me

1. Any place, no matter how rinky dink, can be made into a castle all your own
It’s amazing what a set of curtains and a cute comforter can do for an otherwise dull room. Posters procured at the campus poster sale can add the finishing touches to make the room yours. It becomes your sanctuary, your office, your everything.
2. Courtesy for others that you share space with is key
In other words, keep your mess in your corner and for the love of all that is pure and good, get your clothes out of the washer/dryer in a timely manner. 60 girls are sharing three of each, and we all know we have a lot of clothes. Be courteous and you’ll find your life is a lot easier.
3. Parking is a special privilege, enjoy it
If you have a car, good for you. That doesn’t always mean you’ll have a place to put it and if you take a spot that belongs to an upperclassman with more seniority and therefore more priority, don’t be surprised when nasty things begin to happen.
4. Lock your door, don’t make a thief’s job any easier
If someone wants to break in, a locked door is going to be a small hindrance however, let’s not make it easy for them shall we.
5. Food has expiration dates and can do strange things when that date passes
What this boils down to is clean out the fridge regularly. You’ll thank yourself later.
6. Be careful who you choose to room with
You and your bestie may be as close as can get, but if you’ve got different ideas about temperature and neatness, it’s okay to just say this won’t work and find someone else. Your friendship will last longer that way.
7. If you’ve got your own room and your own shower, enjoy it!
Not all of us have/had that luxury in college. Be gracious about it.
8. The best way to fight overly loud rap music is with loud Celtic music, Black Sabbath, or Metallica
Nuff said.
9. Authority figures may claim they’ll help you resolve issues with your neighbors, but they’re useless. Best to figure it out amongst yourselves. Or move.
Again, nuff said.
10. A quiet Sunday morning is the best
Even when your suitemates are banging around in the bathroom, the best thing is a quiet Sunday morning with no expectations and nowhere to be. It’s pure bliss.


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