It’s 10:40pm and I was just about to get ready for bed when it dawned on me, I finished Outlander tonight. I can blog about it now.
So of course, blogging takes precedence over sleep. You didn’t know that? Oh, you adorable newb, you!
Seriously though, Outlander is a fantastic book. I’ve seen it on shelves for years and have been mildly curious, but never enough to pick it up. That’s probably for the best because, I have to be honest, if I had tried reading it in high school, I probably would have hated it. Compared to another time travel Highlander novel, such as Karen Marie Moning’s Kiss of the Highlander… I don’t know if comparison is even possible. They are similar concepts, but on completely different playing fields.
The immersion first in 1945 and then 1743 is as complete as can be for a work of fiction. The details, the imagery, the emotion, it’s amazing! It’s a love story, but surrounded by history and violence and everything else that makes living so damn amazing.
I love the bits of back story and personal history Gabaldon speckles here and there and how the violence and danger seemed to quickly resolve so they could move on to the next adventure in the story, right up until the end. The last 200 pages or so, shit gets intense. I apologize for the language, but that’s the most efficient way to put it. It gets intense and for a moment, you really wonder if it can be resolved for a happy ending. When it does resolve itself though, it’s incredibly moving and beautiful and oh my, can I have the next in the series now?
Funny trivia about the book. The original copyright date is 1991, the year I was born. The name Outlander is a title shared by one of my favorite fellow female gamers. Oh, and this is a series on Starz now. Jamie’s hot. That’s probably the most important piece of information here. For the reading, Jamie is so worth it. Red haired lads, for the win!

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