Books are Awesome

Books are awesome. Do you need me to tell you why? Oh, for shame. I’ll tell you anyway.
No subscription fees.
For years, I’ve seen the Outlander books on the shelves of my favorite bookstores and have been curious, but not enough to pick one up. Then I started following this page on Facebook called Wild Eyed Southern Celt and she was all over these books. I knew who Jaime was before I knew anything else about the books. If you don’t know who he is, all you need to know is this: Hot. Highlander. In a kilt. For real, that’s all you need to know.
Now it’s a TV show on the Starz channel. This is one of those super special channels you can only get by an extra subscription fee. Last weekend, however, it was free to us and Bear and I watched the first episode of Outlander Sunday night. I bought the book Wednesday. I can go beyond what Time Warner deemed me worthy to have access to, because I have books! And no extra charge. Plus, I get all the juicy bits that television doesn’t have time to look into.
Game of Thrones is a similar situation. I think the show and the books complement each other very well because the show fleshes out scenes that Martin may have glossed over, relationships that he didn’t have time to expand upon, and so on. But the books give the inside scoop. There are also scenes in the books, characters in the books that HBO decided for one reason or another that they didn’t have time for. If you’re a reader, this is good and bad. There are characters we are dying to see hit the big screen that may not, but because we’re readers, we at least get to know these characters. A big budget can sadly only go so far with a world as large as Westeros.
I’m intrigued to see, as I read and grow more familiar with the characters, how closely Starz sticks to the storyline. I’ve heard rumblings that Outlander will be another Game of Thrones in terms of scale and success. Time will tell if book and show complement each other as well as Game of Thrones has done.
It’s an awesome time to be a reader. Have a good weekend, y’all!

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2 Responses to Books are Awesome

  1. Books are awesome, indeed. Most shows/movies don’t stand up to scrutiny when based on a book I love, but I watch them anyway, if just to have a look at the characters.

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