It’s a very special Music Monday today. Nearly a week ago, Godsmack released their latest album 1000HP and as a longtime fan, I must say it did not disappoint. To date, my favorite of their albums is IV. This one didn’t beat it, but it put forth a good effort.
“Something Different” has been the one I’ve listened to over and over again for the last week. The bonus track that was available only at Best Buy, “Life is Good!” was well worth the special trip to get it. “Living in the Gray” is also an amazing track. “Turning to Stone” seems like the token “Voodoo” ish song of the album. The drum work in that song is just signature Godsmack. I’m loving it all.
I was lucky enough to be able to listen to Sully and Shannon (lead vocals and drummer) on SiriusXM Octane right before the album came out and the only thing that has been a disappointment so far is that Sully has no plans to put out another solo album anytime soon. Avalon was a work of art, in my opinion, but I suppose it is good he’s putting his focus on Godsmack for the moment. Although, it must be noted that The Oracle was put out the same year as Avalon, so he’s juggled both before.
Oh well. I’ll wait patiently. In the meantime, “turn that shit up louder!”

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One Response to 1000HP

  1. M.R.R. says:

    Haven’t heard an album that made me feel like that in a while. Oh well. I’ve still got some older stuff I love in my collection.

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