Mad Monday

          This is becoming a habit, typing blogs on the work computer. I hope it’s not a permanent thing. Listen, wee ones, as I tell another tale of adulthood asserting itself.

            Over the weekend, we took part in the Destiny Beta for the Xbox 360. It’s the first time in a while that my gaming clan has come together and had a grand time shooting shit in the face online. I downloaded the beta on a whim, after a good friend sent me a code. I didn’t expect to actually like the game and neither did Bear. After playing the beta, we both decided to preorder the game for its September release. All well and good, but then I discovered Saturday night that my Xbox’s disc tray is persisting in its refusal to open. At all. It is kind of hard to get into a new game if there be no tray to put it in. The beta was run completely off the dashboard.

            For context, let me give you a little back story on the Xbox. It is a 360, one of the white editions from way back when, and it’s been in our circle for six years. Bear had it first and it was refurbished when he got it. Then it was passed along to me. It has a lot of miles and it has served well. Nothing lasts forever though, something was bound to eventually go wrong with it.

            Sunday, Bear did some nagging and poking to convince me to buy myself a brand new Xbox 360, the edition that was released when they announced the Xbox One. While not terribly expensive in the grand scheme of things, buying that Xbox marks the largest sum of money I have spent on myself at one time perhaps ever.

            And then it appears that my computer has a virus.

            Wait, what? Haven’t I had enough issues this year? Car wreck, then A/C that had to be replaced in said car after it was repaired, Xbox tray that won’t open, and now my HP has a virus? Honestly though, if that’s the worst that happens this year, I’ll count myself lucky.

            My five year old HP laptop has caught itself a virus and is giving its mommy fits. Bear took it off to the doctor this morning. It just seems like a moment of “Go figure!” that this happened when I spent all that money on a new Xbox. The money is coming out of my savings and not my bank account, but still. Spending money makes me nervous and this happening all at once just does not help things. Still, glancing down at my shiny new, black Xbox as I got ready this morning, I’m glad I made the purchase. Besides that, it came with two games, one of which is Forza Horizon, which I’m surprised to find I enjoy. It should be a no brainer, given what kind of car I drive anyway, that I think I’m going to like racing games.

            Bear and I are blessed with our position right now. So the Xbox and the repair bill for my HP isn’t going to break the bank, but it still makes me wince. Welcome to adulthood. This latest tale has been brought to you by a mad writer with a weakness for shiny gaming things.

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