Planning the Deed

Why is it that weekends automatically translate to put everything off until Sunday night when you know you have to be up early the next day? Or is that just me? Either way…
Washing machine is going, I am still remembering things I need to do, and tomorrow morning I have to be up earlier than usual because my car’s A/C crapped out and I need to take it to the mechanic for diagnosis before I go to work. Such is life. But the good news is, I’m getting married in three months. Less than, actually. I spent an hour with my folks tonight, discussing and tossing around ideas of how to arrange everything in their yard where the deed is to be done.
The funny thing about beginning to plan the wedding after Bear and I are already moved in together is the realization that once the excitement of the wedding is over, nothing is going to be any different. We are now as we’ve always been and a piece of paper and awesome ceremony isn’t going to change how we do our day to day living. It isn’t going to change how we are when it’s just us two and it definitely won’t change how we act around others. We’ve argued like an old married couple for years.
If I thought the last four months were busy, I think I’m in for even more insanity. *deep breath* Time to buckle down and become extremely dependant on my planner. Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Planning the Deed

  1. M.R.R. says:

    Good luck planning your wedding, and may you and your husband be happy together for a long, long time.

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