Revision Magic – Writer Wednesday

Writer's Clock

If you were to mention the words “Stephanie” and “revising again” to my fiancé, he might growl at you. We’ve been together for nearly seven years and he’s been through rewrite after rewrite, world change after world change. I’m notorious for it, but after all this time and all the tweaking, I’ve come to a surprising conclusion. It might have meant something after all. Through each revision and change to the world I’ve been carefully crafting for longer than I’d care to admit, I pick up a piece that sticks with me through the next round of changes. Characters, phrases that mean something in the world, events, places, all of it. It makes the next round better and more vibrant, I’d like to think. As writers, one of the first things we have to learn and accept is that the first draft is absolute garbage anyway. Revision is key and the only way to make anything better. Perfect is an unattainable goal, ultimately. I’ve never been a stickler for perfection. I just usually hit a point where I’m not in love with the storyline anymore and want to change it up. I’ve gotten in more word counts that way than I’d like to admit. The good thing about publishing Shadows Rising to Amazon in January was it locked the majority of the storyline into place for my current work in progress. Every piece of writing is a learning experience, a valuable piece of the journey and writing is a journey. I’m going in the right direction. Is there any part of your writing journey that has driven you or those around you crazy? The Writer Wednesday shout-out is going to Lisa Loves Literature, a blog I found during the A to Z Challenge. She’s all about reading, as the name suggests. Give her a looksie. 🙂

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