Writer Wednesdays P. 1

Writer's Clock Every writer has to have goals and I’ve spent the last three months trying to straighten mine out. They’re still a little fuzzy but what it comes down to is that I want to be a full time paid writer in two years. Specifically, I want to be drawing in enough income from my writing to justify giving my resignation to my current job. I just want to write. It’s kind of amazing to me how much the desire claws at me when I leave the house every morning. I’ve recently started what I call the Morning 200. What that is that before I leave for work every morning, I try to write at least 200 words in something. It doesn’t have to be my main work in progress. It could be a blog idea that won’t come to fruition until two weeks from now, so long as I write something! After a lifetime of writing, it seems I’m finally nailing down a writing routine. Keep your fingers crossed that it keeps. In 2012, I started keeping a writing log where I wrote down word counts for the day. I lost track around April, but kept up my goal of blogging every week that year. The next year, I kept up with my writing log, blogged every week, and wrote the novel and novella. This year, I’ve published the novella, am working on the next part after it, and have plans to move forward and revise the novel I wrote last year. I’ve also kept up my blogging habits and my writing log. Actually, I just filled up an entire page in my writing log in just eight days, when sometimes a page will cover the better part of a month. Small bits here and there do add up. I’m excited with where I’m at and where I’m going. Also as part of Writer Wednesday on the Kelswitch, I’m going to try to give a shout-out to a different blog each week. Since this week is about goals and making progress as a writer, I want to point out another regular Wednesday blog. Tracey Lynn Tobin over at No Page Left Blank does a regular Accountability Wednesday post to keep track of progress on her goals. She’s got a wonderful blog and you should definitely check her out! Happy Hump Day! Kelswitch, over and out.

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One Response to Writer Wednesdays P. 1

  1. Sally says:

    Great idea, setting yourself a limit on writing every day, whether it be something you are currently working on, or simply an outline for an idea. Keep it up – I might try this myself.

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