Dancing with Fairies

Once upon a time, a witch, a Frog Queen, a Bear, and a Giggler ventured through a blazing summer day into the forest where the fairies liked to play. The Summer Solstice had arrived and it was time to make the yearly offering. All around, the smell of tempting foods and ice cold drinks beckoned the four friends to stop and sit a spell. But one can never be too cautious when in the realm of fairies. After all, if you accept the gifts, you may never leave the forest again.
You might just grow your own set of glittering wings and spend the rest of forever dancing to the music floating through the hot air.
The four friends were cautious, searching carefully for the right place to make the offering. The witch and Frog Queen led the way, navigating through the throng of creatures under the forest’s spell. They all laughed and ran about, their bodies covered in glitter and bells. Flowers greeted sunshine from their hair and their eyes were dancing with mischief.
The Frog Queen and witch touched the edge of their wire elf ears, accepting compliments as they came. The disguise was working. They all thought the two girls were part of the forest and that the men behind them were dazzled by their magic, following blindly deeper and deeper into the forest.
It took hours. The sun’s heat was in its full power, reveling all over them, heating their skin until it began to redden or brown. The Frog Queen found one place to make her offering, giving the smiling fairy man her silver in exchange for a gift of a wooden frog, guaranteed to carry forth the fairy’s magic into the outside world, to give the blessings of faith and love to all who heard the frog’s song.
When the witch found her place to make an offering, the silver glinted in the sunlight, a temptation to any creature. She chose a set of earrings. They were enchanted, their carefully designed form creating images that would fill the wearer with fairy dust. The witch’s pixie blood began to rise inside of her as she smiled and dipped her head at the fairy dressed in black and hot pink. Silver was exchanged and the witch carefully put the earrings away for later use.
Once the offering is made and silver exchanged, it is safe to procure food and drink from the fairies. Ice cream flavored with strawberries cooled the witch down as she spoke with Bear and Giggler. The Frog Queen wandered, searching for something more to her satisfaction. As they made their way out of the forest, safe and filled with magic anew, the Frog Queen smiled as she ate her red ice.
Until the next Solstice, fairy friends.

ImageSolstice blessings to everyone. I hope you enjoyed this little creative take on my experience at a Summer Solstice festival yesterday.

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