Reading & Rambling

Welcome to Friday Reader Rambles! This is a feature I did on blogger for a while and I think it would be good to revive it for WordPress. Basically, when Fridays come around, I blog about things book related. Maybe a review of something I’ve read or just musings on something reading related. Basically, just a reader rambling. I’m a writer, yes, but I was a reader first. Moving into my own place for the first time, I had the unpleasant experience of playing favorites with my books. Deciding which ones got to sit on a shelf, and which ones were to stay in boxes because there simply isn’t enough room for them. A lot of readers will judge a person by what is on their bookshelves. Well, make of this what you will. On the right of my desk, the big bookcase has five shelves. They’re filled with my Charmed books (new stories written based on the WB show), lots of romance (particularly Highlander), urban fantasy, regular fantasy (love my Anne Bishop), books on Paganism, a young adult series I still love about a girl who discovers witchcraft and Wicca, and a handful of books written by North Carolina authors I love. To the left of my desk is the smaller bookcase with only three shelves. Books about writing, books that movies I really liked were based off of, several Candace Bushnell, lots of North Carolina based literature, and some other odds and ends. I do own a copy of The Hobbit. I own the book Sex and the City was based on. I love Charlotte Perkins Gilman because her short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” blew my mind. I’ve read up through book four of A Song of Ice and Fire and I have book five, but I haven’t decided to go there yet. Martin takes me a month or more to get through, so there has to be the right frame of mind for that kind of adventure. I’ve been a big reader since 3rd grade. I went through most of my school years always having a book on me, no matter where I went. I still think Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is a cruel joke. I’m currently getting into Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. I loved her books Good in Bed and Certain Girls. I might do a blog about Weiner’s work, but next Friday, I’m going to post my musings about the book I read last week titled Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. That book was a contest win from one of my favorite authors, Yasmine Galenorn, a couple of years ago. I was in college at the time and it got lost somewhere between class assignments and an ever growing to be read pile. When I did finally read it though, it completely challenged how I look at some things. I’ll get into that next week. Please tune in, for the next edition of Friday Reader Rambles on the Kelswitch. Have a great weekend, all. ♡ Not enough room.....

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